Getting Stuck in a Rut Can Be GOOD for You

boxIt might seem crazy that something so uncomfortable and confining as being stuck in a rut could actually be good for you.

But hear me out…

What IS it to be stuck in a rut?

It’s experiencing the same-old-same-old, every day pretty much the same as the one before it. It’s not necessarily bad…just the SAME.

Same house, same office, same phone number, same things for dinner, same four office walls. Same streets, same restaurants, same movie theaters, same car, same routine.

It’s experiencing the years ticking by without being fully aware of it, except for the occasional shock of seing someone’s kid suddenly graduating from high school (and you were still thinking of her as 6 years old).

It’s doing the same activities in your business with little to no variation. And, consequently, making the same income, month after month, year after year.

Being stuck in a rut is also about having the same beliefs. Not in a passionate “THIS is what I believe!” kind of way, but in a dull, limited “This is just the way it is” kind of way, unchallenged, unenlivened.

So what could possibly be good about being stuck in a rut?

In a word: CONTRAST.

Contrast is what precedes movement. It precedes change. It’s a necessary component of any kind of big shift.

There are plenty of ways to get OUT of being stuck in a rut — my hands-down favorite being traveling and living in other places, other countries.

However, until you’re AWARE that you’re in a rut — and KNOW the contrast, KNOW what you want instead — it won’t happen.

But, oh, the joy when it DOES happen!! Excitement, revitalized energy, explosions of creativity, thrill, contentment.

So what’s your rut? And what’s the contrast you want…your route to freedom?

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