3 Reasons to “Go Global” (Even if You Don’t Travel)

going global with your businessNever before in the history of the world has it been so easy to take your business and run it from anywhere in the world you want.

To me, a lifelong lover of travel, that’s fantastic! Before laptops and when the Internet was still pretty new, I remember renting a computer at a Home Depot in Maine so that I could stay on vacation longer!

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to be interested in traveling to other countries to benefit from—and take advantage of—the amazing opportunities to “go global!”

Consider this: it is now possible (EASILY) to:

  • Talk to clients from other countries, as if it were just any other phone call.
  • Build a list of prospective clients from 100+ countries.
  • Meet with and guide staff and team members who themselves live around the globe.
  • Give classes and workshops—free and paid—from anywhere in the world.

Don’t get me wrong. “Traveling the world” is a super-fun and attractive reason to go global with your business. But this is about the OTHER things that going global with your business makes possible for you, such as:

#1: To Spend Important Time with Loved Ones Who Don’t Live Near You

Oftentimes, when I’m making a presentation about the value of a global business, I’ll use the example of being able to spend a few months every summer with your grandkids in Ohio. I had just made that up as an example. I don’t have grandkids and I haven’t even been to Ohio.

But a couple of months ago, I received an email after one of those presentations from a woman named Yvonne, who said this: “Oh my God. You nailed it. Freedom IS spending summers with the grandkids in Ohio. Thank you. That is just what I need!”

going global with your business#2: To Care for Family Members Dealing with Health Issues

My mother has had both knees replaced, and, on both occasions, I was able to be her “nurse” for 3 weeks while she recuperated at her home. The rest of my siblings had jobs—places and hours they had to show up.

If I hadn’t been able to come, we would’ve had to hire home health workers to stay round the clock with her, or one of my siblings would’ve had to take time off without pay. But I was able to keep making money and keep the business going WHILE caring for Mom.

My friend Kathleen had a more serious issue with her mother, but she was able to spend the last 6 months of her mom’s life with her—in the hospital—and keep her business going.

#3: To Grow Your Business

Even if you’re the homebodiest of all homebodies, going global means you’ll have more people on your list and, ultimately, more clients—because you have the WORLD to draw from, not just your own community, region or country.

So get going…and go global!


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