“Find a way.”

Diana Nyad is my new hero. I mean, really.

Swimming from Cuba to Florida, with no shark cage, swimming for 55 hours straight.

At age 64!

Her mantra was “Find a way.”

But she’s not my only hero these days. OK, I’m outing myself here as a “So You Think You Can Dance” super-geek. I LOVE this show!

The final four contestants this week have learned 25+ dances in the last 9 weeks — and performed them beautifully, professionally, in front of millions of viewers.

In both cases — Nyad and the SYTYCD dancers — it’s the drive for their dream that is so amazing and impressive. The commitment to doing what it takes. The belief that it’s possible. The dedication and persistence in the face of failure.

They all started somewhere…with small steps that led to the big stuff. I hope you enjoy the feature article in today’s newsletter on exactly that: the baby steps that you can do right now that can lead you to your dream life, dream business.

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