Say YES to the journey and your business.

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I want to acknowledge one of my new coaching clients for playing big. I suggested (playfully, in part) that she come do her full-day VIP business planning/strategy session in Rome. And by golly, she did it!! Here we are, planning out a ROCKING 2014 for her.
 Pat Mussieux came a day later, embodying the same spirit of “YES!” that I just love! Pat’s a coach from Canada who’s in a mastermind I’m in, and we discovered we have similar travel styles (the kind that enjoys jumping on a random city bus just to see where you go).

 Pat and I shot a few videos yesterday in a truly magical “aqueduct park” outside of Rome. You’ll get an opportunity to watch them over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

I encourage you to say YES to the journey. By saying YES to your business and your dream of taking your business on the road, what new opportunities will come to you?

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